For investors

We had been making previous projects, Multicard and Toplinecard, from 2010 till 2015, which were aimed at Russian and neighbour countries’ markets

Last year we created competitive business-model for global expansion’ project named Diesel.Market. This invention is a big step from archaic plastic cards and POS to hi-tech: interclouds API, machine leaning etc. and self-driving cars fuel filling / charging. Main reason for tech-innovations is not just modern trends, but the tools for building high-competitive low-cost quickly self-scaling and self-selling business

Diesel.Market combines modern IT-platform and progressive business-model with low operations cost. DM’ financial model reflects high efficiency of the project’s growing. It can successfully work both with classic truckers and smart autonomous vehicles, that guarantees growing and profitability in huge multi-billion market in globe

Everybody knows the huge level of the fuel markets, so even small niche is about billions dollars. It’s supposed to launch Diesel.Market both in the US and the EU from the very beginning.

For a contact with the founder, just email to dmitry.okatenko (at)